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Submission for Epic Games'  Unreal Engine Summer 2017 #ue4jam 5-Day game jam.

Warning:  Please only play if you have a powerful Windows machine.  Playing video files slows down the gameplay objects on screen, making it unplayable, and makes the video play sluggishly. This was a 5-day game jam submission.   I'm working night and day to fix this in future builds so everyone can play it on as many platforms as possible.  Please stay tuned!

An American actors union  is on strike against the video game industry. This has allowed kinda-not-famous, kinda-not-great, kinda-can't-afford-membership-dues, kinda-not-insured VO talent, like Randy Miroir, to audition for roles that were previously not available to him. Like roles that really aren't meant for him. Like, seriously, roles he REALLY, REALLY should not be doing. This is His VO Audition Story. Help Randy survive this audition by choosing the correct delivery for each line. (Inspired by true events in Randy's time in the trenches of VO auditioning.)  

Controls: Keyboard Left and Right Arrows 

How to play: A character and line will pop up on the screen, along with three types of delivery for the line. A cursor will fall from the top of the screen. Use the arrows to guide the cursor to the correct delivery for the line.

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