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Find the true Zoe. When multiple Zoe's appear, wave you hand quickly in front of the screen, or blink your eyes rapidly. (Ideally at 4 times per second, or 4Hz, or 240 Beats Per Minute if you have a metronome handy.) If you are physically unable to wave your hand or blink rapidly, alternatively you can download an iOS app called Hudzovision, and set it to 4 Frames Per Second, to get the same zoetrope effect.) Zoe will be the one that appears consistently. You must go to her!


Standard FPS controls.
WASD to move.
Mouse to look.

Voices done by Jenny K Dean.


Install instructions

For Windows - Unzip File. Open included folder. Run .exe file.


ApologiesToZoeTropeWellMeetAgain.zip 129 MB

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